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Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but with vore!
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 Shadow Bug Diddy

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Shadow Bug Diddy
Shadow Bug Diddy

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PostSubject: Shadow Bug Diddy   Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:12 am

Name: Shadow Bug Diddy
Type: Boss
Game: Brawl (Donkey Kong Country)

Base Moves:

-Peanut Popgun

-Monkey Flip

-Rocket Barrel Boost

-Banana Peel

Final Smash

-Rocket Barrel Barrage

Vore Moves:

-Picks up the opponent and tosses them into his giant mouth.

-Grabs them with his tail and sticks them up his butt!

-Sits down and traps them between his legs, forcing them to right in the smaller space while trying to grab and eat them.

-Spends two posts gathering dark energy, then releases it in a giant wave, everyone hit is transported into his belly.

-I fart in the opponents face over and over until they pass out then shove them up it. (Monkey butt!)

-I use my popgun to turn them into a peanut and eat it.

-I swallow and digest them. My belly gets bigger each time and I can smother opponents under it after the first.


-Rubs his belly with both hands and laughs.

-Turns and smacks his butt at the opponents.

-Leans forward and takes my avatar pose.

Boss Traits:

-Cannot be Vored.

-Learns all of Diddy's custom moves.

-Incredibly high strength, defense, speed, and range.

-Has the worst farts and dumps EVER!

-Can use items and has a final smash.
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Shadow Bug Diddy
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